Ultra Reshaping Bandage Wrap - Belly & Hips - (10 pc) Body Bio Energy

Ultra Reshaping Bandage Wrap - Belly & Hips - (10 pc) Body Bio Energy

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Intensive treatment to sculpt the most stubborn body areas: belly, hips and buttocks. Its "fat-burning" phosphatidylcholine helps reduce localised fat deposits and helps restore a more harmonious and well-proportioned body. Its special thermo-active formula creates a sauna effect that stimulates microcirculation and improves the metabolism of tissues and the fat-burning process. Enriched with ACTIGYM™, an oceanic active ingredient, which acts as an “internal personal trainer”, training skin tissues to burn excess fat faster, for improved firmness.
It also contains hydroxyproline with elasticising and anti-stretch mark properties.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: OLI-VINE™ ACTIVE SYSTEM, ACTIGYM™, Peruvian ginseng, phosphatidylcholine, warming complex of natural origin, glycans, hydroxyproline, mountain arnica, yarrow, calendula, helichrysum.

1: a) Starting from the middle of the thigh, wind the soaked bandage upwards in a spiral, making sure that the edges of the fabric overlap by only 1-2 cm;
b) make 2-3 turns around the buttocks and hips until the entire abdomen is covered;
c) go down again on the other leg;
d) tighten the end of the bandage to prevent it from unravelling;
2: put on the cartene trousers, make 1-2 knots at waist level;
3: leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes;
4: remove everything;
5: massage the residual serum by pinching vigorously from the thighs towards the abdomen
6: blot any residual product with dry or damp paper towels

It is advisable not to take a shower to allow the active ingredients to continue working. Always wash your hands well after contact with the product and do not bring your hands to your eyes. It may create a transitory sensation of internal heat and superficial redness, linked to the reactivation of the skin's surface microcirculation. This phenomenon is transitory and disappears within half an hour of removing the bandage.