Skin Map Antioxidant Anti-Age Cream 50ml DDP

Skin Map Antioxidant Anti-Age Cream 50ml DDP

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A rich, nourishing cream that melts into the skin protecting it from oxidative stress, free radicals and the damage caused by

external aggressors. Combats the signs of intrinsic and extrinsic ageing and helps preserve the skin’s youth capital, reducing

wrinkles and loss of skin tone and elasticity. Boosts antioxidant capacity, protects and revitalises, regenerating the skin and

leaving it soft and supple. Also suitable for dull, tired skin.This anti-age cream aimed at those with dry skin is a rich and nutritious cream with a strong anti antioxidant & nourishing action.

It truly wraps the skin with a thick layer of moisture, protecting it from oxidative stress, free radicals and damage caused by external agents.

This product helps to reduce the signs of aging and photoaging and helps preserve the youthful appearance of the face by reducing the presence of wrinkles, improving tone and elasticity and reviving dull, tired skin.

This product contains antioxidants to enhance antioxidant capacity and gives protection and energy to the skin, for a regenerated, soft and elastic skin.


ØIt protects against the action of free radicals and external agents.

ØCounteracts the signs of ageing and photo-aging.

ØReduces the presence of wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity.


ROYALACTIN EPI-peptide, glycans, carnitine, blackcurrant oil, hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil, aloe, bisabolol, shea butter.

dragon's blood 1.5% - fights and prevents inflammaging, strengthens the barrier function of the skin to prevent loss of water keeping the skin more moist and healthy.
helps to repair damage to the skin especially useful to use after microdermabrasion, microneedling, dermaplaning or any more aggressive procdures.

How to Use: apply morning and night on its own or over a SKIN MAP serum.