Sculpting Thermoactive Wrap 10 Pieces Body Bio Energy

Sculpting Thermoactive Wrap 10 Pieces Body Bio Energy

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This high performance body wrap is an intensive draining and shaping treatment showing instantly visible results for a more balanced, sculpted body and firmer, smoother skin. OLI’VÎNETM ACTIVE SYSTEM its main active ingriedient is a bio-energetic stone, rich in magnesium, which gives strength to the cells of the body when they are stressed and under pressure:

Its actions are to:
Stimulates cellular metabolism
Increases cellular energy and vitality
Reduces cellular stress
Reduces the production of free radicals
Prevents premature cellular aging

HOW TO USE: warm the wrap in the sealed pouch (in hot water or hot towel warmer).

Start from one ankle and wrap around the leg up to the groin without applying pressure, continue over the buttocks and abdomen then go back down the other leg. Wrap the client’s body in the cartene sheet, cover with a blanket to keep warm and leave for 20 minutes.

Take off the wrap, throw it away and remove any remaining product with damp towels.

The bandage size (14 meters in length x 20 cm wide) allows to wrap both the legs and the abdomen and to adapt to any body size.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: OLI’VÎNETM ACTIVE SYSTEM caffein, cynarine vegetal slim complex, peruvian ginseng, actigym™, glycans, escin, reactivating complex.