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How do you conduct a Virtual Personal Makeup Shopping?

Over a Zoom video call, so we can virtually meet. You will inform me of what type of makeup brands, technologies, and claims you’re interested in owning and wearing, along what type of skin type you have and how makeup generally wears on you, I will then customize a makeup Shopping list for you

Shopping links will also be provided to you after I have created your custom makeup look.

How do you conduct a Virtual Personal skin care consultation?

Being a 20 year beauty industrypro, my experience shows me that Beauty starts within and with skin.

During this virtual skin care consultation, We will go over what type of skin you have, what skin care brands and technologies you prefer, if you have any allergies to certain cosmetic ingredients and what your desired skin care goal is.

How do you conduct a Virtual Special Event Make-Up Prep consultation?

This service is popular for the DIY Client who wants to be kept up to date with what products are trending and most importantly, if they are the correct ones to be currently using.

This is a great way to know if you need to keep or toss a product due to it no longer serving you. Maybe the formula dried or your skin changed. What hasn’t changed is your need to get your skin and makeup ready for a special event or maybe an everyday beauty regime. It’s also a very common practice for cosmetic companies to make limited edition products or discontinue your favourite item. We are here to help you replace it with the most similar but yet up to date products.

Where can I buy the suggested Items from my Makeup Couture shopping list?

We will guide you by sending you online links. We are affiliates of Amazon, Shop Shelf and Beauty Counter

How Can I become a Makeup Couture VIP CLIENT Client

By booking 4 virtual services

What type of services does Makeup Couture offer?

Makeup Couture does Virtual Makeup and Skin Care Consults, lessons, group classes and also does outbound services for special events.


Does makeupcouture.ca fulfill my Shipping?

Due to our shopping being offered on affiliate links. Your shipping options are done through those links.

For Beauty Counter Shipping

For Shop my Shelf Shipping is done with the affiliated linking store. Example: Sephora, ULTA etc.

For Amazon Shipping Please view Shipping or amazon customer service.

Therefor, no. makeup couture currently does not fulfil shopping


How can I resolve my Order Issues:

Our shopping is done through affiliate links.

Here are the links to their customer service

Amazon Customer Service

Beauty Counter Help Center and Live Chat

Shop my Shelf customer service will depend on the linked store to the suggested product. Example: Sephora, Ulta etc. Customer Service.

We will do our best to help you during our consultation, application time and with your affiliate shopping experience.



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