MUC Top 5 Must Haves

# 1 La Mer Skin Care

I love the Soft cream, Lotion and Gel, hydrating mist and the molecular cleansing water. This line is magnificent.


# 2 MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder

Refined spun golden A subtly tinted powder that gives skin sheer, natural colour effects and highlights. Perfect for enahancing skin tone, providing a natural, sun-kissed look or accentuating a tan. Formulated to provide a smooth, even application on all skin types.



#3 Mac Lipstick – Faux
A creamy Matt lipstick with a medium to full coverage.
Muted pink mauve colour.  Love this colour on 90% of makeup applications. It looks different on everyone ! I find that the colour changes depending on your natural undertone of your lips.



# 4 Mac Mascara – Extreme Dimension Waterproof 
This product is strong enough to resist raccoon eyes and light enough that you might just make it a part of your daily a.m beauty regime.



#5 Charlotte Tilbury WonderGlow FacePrimer
Its Light Reflecting so place it all over your face if a dewy healthy glow is desirable, or use it only on areas where you want to highlighted. I love using on dull areas of the skin. This is a must have product for all Makeup Artists, especially those who battle Winter skin.