DIY Makeup for Game Night!

Recently,  Makeup Couture was called upon by an elite client who wanted her makeup done for a date night with her  hubby who was taking her to a Toronto’s Raptors game.    Her request was simple, she wanted professional makeup but she wanted it to look like she did it herself (D.I.Y.).  This request may have sounded like an oxymoron of a request, but these days everyone wants to look flawless and camera ready for all social media photo opportunities, with that in mind, here’s what I did to achieve a look that’s not too overdone.  So how do you look camera ready but not over done?  This is where the expertise of a professional like myself comes in.

So I took a step back, and evaluated her  complexion and features thinking what would the appropriate  D.I.Y. makeup style can I create for her individuality. I thought to myself, It must be the bronzer or the contour because she really doesn’t do that step. So we added a little more highlighter/concealer around her jaw area to soften her holiday tan. It instantly brightened her face & made her feel like herself.  My client turned to me in a joking manner and said, “I can now say I did my own makeup”. and we giggled.  For our next appointment, when she requests her makeup look, the makeup style that will be used to explain her desired look will be called, the “DIY but by a professional”.  We couldn’t be happier with our mutual  understanding of one another.

After addressing the above, I added the “Wonder Stick”  by NYX Cosmetics.  I love this product.  I used the shade “Light” because the light tone is very neutral and is great for correcting and defining areas of concern. The NYX Wonder Sticks are double ended and retractable. One end is lighter, It’s to be used as a highlighter or concealer. The opposite end is darker and may be used as a Contouring stick or a concealer for darker tones. I find this NYX formula quite creamier compared to other Contouring products on the market.  Here is a little trick, “Make sure the complexion isn’t to moist”. Meaning, try not to layer so much liquid products on skin.

What I loved about today’s look were her eyes. I used Nyx cosmetics “suede” cream shadow on her Lid as a base.  It’s simply amazing!  It helps to enhance any type of Sparkle when layering products. It works well with Huda Beauty’s Textured Palettes, Desert Dusk and Rose Gold.    We layered 24k (Rosegold palette) on top of Nyx cream shadow (suede) for a little evening flare.

Later adding (“oud” from Dessert Dusk Palette) on the outer corners and bottom lashes. For depth, I added Black Truffle, a black shadow inside the Huda Beauty “Rosegold Edition” palette and was used as a shadow liner.

And Voila!  D.I.Y. done and another happy client off to the game! For your personalized D.I.Y. appointment please contact me for an appointment.