For a very long time, I was looking for a foundation that combines skin care and makeup.  To my surprise, the SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT Foundation came to the market. It is now my all time favorite secret weapon for sheer, dewy coverage.  


It's a really beautiful, light foundation that gives a glow without being too radiant. The diamond powder in the formula enhances the complexion's glow. It’s perfect to add a highlighted sheen to the cheekbones, under the eyebrow arch and I often pop a little on the tip of my nose and forehead for an additional glow. 


It comes with a signature brush, which in itself is gorgeous and oh-so-soft. It's a wonderful buffing brush to gently blend the foundation into the skin. I simply glide the foundation brush over my face like I would a facial wipe and voila - it blends so flawlessly it will leave you gobsmacked.  


It also maintains the quality of the skin and keeps you hydrated throughout the day as it's packed with Chanel’s Miracle Broth of Vanilla Planifolia water. 


This foundation is an experience, and a beautiful one at that!!!